IBA’27 Festivals

IBA’27 Festivals

The IBA’27 Festivals in 2023 and 2025 will provide insights into the methods, projects and ideas of the IBA even before the 2027 exhibition year. As interactive and experimental formats and festivities, they allow to experience urban development as a collective process in the Stuttgart Region.

Planning is currently underway for the IBA’27 Festival #1, which will take place in summer 2023. More info (German only)

»Stuttgart am Meer« rund ums StadtPalais – Museum für Stuttgart (Foto: Joachim E. Röttgers / IBAʼ27)
Image: Joachim E. Röttgers / IBAʼ27


If you have any questions, the festival team will be happy to answer them!

Coordination & Programme: Elke Gregori and Yuliia Zalomaikina

Communikations: Tobias Schiller

Sponsoring & Partnerships: Karin Lang

Curator: Andreas Hofer


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