OTTO-Quartier Wendlingen – OTTO Neighbourhood Wendlingen

Historical industrial buildings at the OTTO site in Wendlingen will be used to create an urban quarter close to the town centre. Some of the buildings are listed, and there are plans to achieve a mix of commercial premises for futureproof places to work and housing in those buildings. The plans for revitalisation and densification of the site provide for a careful linking of old and new while at the same time meeting high standards of sustainability and quality of life.

The buildings in what was once Württemberg’s spinning and weaving empire belonging to Heinrich Otto & Söhne have a lot of architectural and industrial history and play a role that will help to forge an identity. The impressive boiler and turbine building is an emblem of the town of Wendlingen. The three-storey spinning building with its distinctive corner towers and Jugendstil details in the interior was inspired by English architecture and is to be preserved and converted. Other historical buildings like the weaving building and the Bergmann turbine building as well as the water turbine building built in 1886 complete this ensemble of listed buildings.

The planned neighbourhood is to create a link between culture, production and living. The conversion and expansion measures are to transform the historical industrial area into a vibrant urban quarter for all generations and with a strong community focus. A neighbourhood plaza with green spaces, cafés and playgrounds will ensure a high quality of living and create a link to the Neckar River. In addition, the developers’ conversion measures aim for high ecological standards. For example, there are plans to have a decentralised energy, water and mobility infrastructure that will make the neighbourhood energy self-sufficient without additional emissions, based on calculations. Among other things, the thermal energy of the Neckar and of the waste water from the quarter will be combined with photovoltaic systems.

The urban planning design stems from Blocher Partners architects in Stuttgart.

Project Initiator: CG Elementum AG und HOS Projektentwicklung GmbH


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