Call for Entries - Phase l

International Open Call for Participation: Sindelfingen Hospital Area Conversion

71065 Sindelfingen
Restricted Urban Development and Landscape Planning Competition (Phase II) preceded by an International Open Call for Participation in the form of a Sketch Qualification (Phase l)

The Sindelfingen Hospital Area – surrounded on all sides by Sindelfingen Forest – is located on the periphery of the city centre in an elevated position (70m difference in altitude to the centre) forming a small world, a microcosm, in itself: It is a place with strong links to the people of Sindelfingen or with which they come into contact at some point during their lives and, despite its location, plays an important role in city life.

The planned relocation of the hospital in 2025 to its new home on the Flugfeld offers the unique opportunity to put the approximately 8-hectare site to a new use, to redesign its spaces and buildings and to link it to the city centre. The aim is to use advanced housing and use concepts to develop a new, vibrant and climate-neutral mixed urban neighbourhood, bringing together work, housing, education and leisure facilities. At the same time, it is to be integrated as far as possible into the adjoining residential areas. With regard to sustainability, proposals are expected to take a stance on the topics of densification, recycling, climate protection, mobility, resource consumption, energy efficiency and economic feasibility and put forward new, innovative ways of addressing them.

Alongside creativity, the courage to tread new paths and to experiment is needed here, in addition to the close involvement of the public.

Awarding authority

City of Sindelfingen in cooperation with IBA’27

Dates & deadlines (Phase l)

Announcement of qualification
Participants’ questionsby 09.08.23
to be submitted in writing to
written reply will be posted by 11 August 2023 at the
latest on the competition supervisor’s website (see link
Submission of ideas11.09.23, 4 pm
Submissions in digital form only.
Selection of ideas20.09.23, 9 am
(Participants that qualify for the competition will be
notified via e-mail.)
Binding confirmation of participationby 25.09.23
via e-mail by noon
of the 15 ideas selected
27.09.23 – 06.10.23
Processing period
»Urban Development and Landscape
Planning Competition« (Phase II)
09.10. – 21.12.23
(Processing time: 11 weeks)

Awards Phase I

The 15 participants selected to take part in the urban development and landscape planning competition (Phase II) will each receive a payment of EUR 4,000 (plus statutory VAT).

Awards Phase II

The awarding authority will make available competition prize money totalling 150,000 euros (net). The sum comprises a processing fee of 60,000 euros (4,000 euros/participant) and prize money to the value of 90,000 euros. The following prizes will be awarded:

1st Prize (40%) €36,000
2nd Prize (25%) €22,500
3rd Prize (15%) €13,500
Distinctions (20%) €18,000

Prizes plus statutory VAT.

The jury can unanimously decide to change the distribution of the prize money and the number of prizes.

Further development

The awarding authority will commission one of the prize-winners (work group/planning team) with revision of the competition result in terms of the urban and landscape design (= framework plan pursuant to »Sheet 51« of the AKBW (Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects)) and also with the compilation of a design handbook.
In the event of their being commissioned by the awarding authority, competition participants commit to taking up and carrying out further development and in the course of revision of the competition results to engage with the community and key local figures in the form of a dialogue (e.g. presentation of competition result, response to questions, recording of information for further development). In the event of further development, services already rendered by the participant as part of the competition, substantial parts of which remain unaltered, will not be remunerated again. Furthermore, the awarding authority will work towards the examination of opportunities for further development within the scope of other planned construction projects and planning of open spaces (by the landscape architects involved) depending on the design and the subsequent development process.

Further information and official application documents

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