IBA’27 Forum

IBA’27 Forum

IBA’27 is an open, dialogue-based offering for everyone in the Stuttgart Region. The IBA’27 Forum provides an opportunity to get involved in the overarching discourse surrounding the IBA. It is an open discussion platform where interested parties from a wide range of different disciplines can participate. It includes everyone from experts to ordinary citizens.

The IBA’27 Forum gathers idea for designing the future and opens these up to debate. It provides scope for networking and an exchange of ideas that lives from the dedication and creativity of all those involved and develops on a continuous basis. In this way, a vast pool of knowledge is created that benefits IBA’27, the projects and the entire Stuttgart Region.

At the core of the IBA’27 Forum are the working groups. These mostly self-organised groups approach different specific questions, provide impetus for the proposals and the projects and develop their own ideas for projects. Their work is assisted through the specialist forums by well-known persons in the Stuttgart Region who have broad expertise in the respective focal areas.

Twice a year, IBA’27 organises the IBA’27 plenary session to promote networking and an exchange of ideas. This is where the working groups and representatives for the projects come together. For digital exchange between the working groups and other participants, there is also the participation platform [21]ZONE.

Credits: Franziska Kraufmann / IBA’27


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