IBA’27 Forum

IBA’27 Forum

Theory meets practice, visions create a spirit of optimism, meet with criticism, develop further – the IBA’27 forum thrives on exchange, the diversity of opinions and the question that unites us: How do we want to live and work in the future?

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→ Publish, comment, find out what’s new on the IBA’27 blog (German only)

→ Discuss at the IBA’27 regulars’ table

→ Get to know projects and makers at the IBA’27 Festival #1

→ Meet the community at the IBA’27 Plenum

→ Together for a Stuttgart city region worth living in as a member of the IBA’27 Friends

Credits: IBA’27 / Ishika Alim
Credits Ishika Alim / IBA’27


The IBA’27 Forum started in 2018, at IBA’27 Plenum #2, with four specialist forums on the topics of »Politics and Society«, »Economy and Mobility«, »Research and Technology« and »Planning and Building«. From committed citizens to research specialists, numerous people contributed to the discourse on the International Building Exhibition right from the start. The work of the forums was supported by experts with a broad range of expertise on the respective key topics. Working groups were set up on individual topics to work on issues in greater depth and exchange ideas at the working group workshops.


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