Konversion Sindelfinger Krankenhausareal – Sindelfingen Hospital Area Conversion

The relocation of Sindelfingen’s hospital to the Flugfeld Böblingen/Sindelfingen will free up an area of roughly eight hectares for transformation. First of all, the municipal authorities want to develop a concept collectively with the citizens of Sindelfingen for using, modifying and adding to the existing large-scale structure in terms of its future purpose. Embedded in a wooded area, the buildings of the former clinic complex are to be preserved to a large extent. There will be a particular focus on combining space for living and working. There are key questions around what type of commercial use will be possible and which additional functions would be necessary. It is also necessary to rethink the connection to the town of Sindelfingen. Development should be completed by 2030, with individual parts already to be realised by 2027 as part of IBA’27.

Project Initiator: City of Sindelfingen


City of Sindelfingen
Barbara Brakenhoff, IBA Project Management
Citizens’ Office for Urban Development and Construction
Rathausplatz 1
71063 Sindelfingen
Phone: +49 7031/94-551

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