Project structure

Project structure:
IBA’27 Network, IBA’27 Projects and IBA’27 Neigbourhoods

IBA’27 has developed different formats for the path to the exhibition year 2027.

IBA’27 Network

The IBA’27 Network brings together construction­related and non­construction­related projects that take an ambitious approach to the future of building, housing and working in the Stuttgart Region. A network of knowledge is created with relevant ideas for the future of the region. The network promotes research, collaboration, discourse – and of course building. IBA’27 documents these projects and promotes an exchange both between the different project initiators and with the working groups, specialist forums and the scientific community.

The basic prerequisites for the inclusion of new project ideas in the IBA’27 Network include a gearing toward ambitious sustainability targets, recognisable future-proof quality, the courage for openness and experimentation and the will to push the ­ boundaries. The ten theses of IBA’27 and the qualities derived from those theses for the projects and proposals provide some guidance here.

Municipalities, research and scientific associations, institutions, companies, community stakeholders and initiatives are all submitting their proposals. In a questionnaire, they describe their projects in terms of innovative power, ability to function as a model, regional relevance and potential for an International Building Exhibition. The decision whether to include the project in the IBA’27 Network is taken by the Director.

IBA’27 Projects

In discussion with the project initiators, IBA’27 GmbH selects building projects from amongst the entries that have potential for further development as exhibition locations in 2027. The stakeholders agree on specific targets that are set out in individual agreements. The IBA’27 Projects are closely supported by the interdisciplinary team at IBA. For example, IBA’27 provides assistance with the launch of competitions and helps to negotiate potential scope in planning law as well as to source experts to resolve specific problems. It offers professional suggestions, reaches out to partners from science and research, accompanies participation processes and helps with PR work. Last but not least, if necessary it aids in the procurement of additional funding in order to finance the processes and innovations that exceed the normal scope.

IBA’27 Neighbourhoods

Several particularly ambitious large­scale urban development projects will act as anchor points for the exhibition year 2027 as IBA’27 Neighbourhoods. They combine many topics of the future in one place, becoming complex and multifaceted examples for the city of tomorrow. Neighbourhoods can be developed either as new areas or by transforming existing large­scale structures that were previously often used for just one function. As central exhibition locations for IBA’27, neighbourhoods will have to be completed by the presentation year 2027 in realistic planning processes.

The decision of whether a project qualifies as an IBA’27 Project or IBA’27 Neighbourhood is taken by the supervisory board of IBA’27 GmbH at the recommendation of the board of trustees.

IBA’27: Project structure
IBA’27: Project structure



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