Bahnstadt Nürtingen – Train Town Nürtingen

A vibrant core

Measures to reorganise the bus and rail transport are allowing for the development of new urban spaces directly adjacent to Nürtingen station. The municipal authorities are working together with the local community and IBA’27 to create a mixed-use neighbourhood that focuses on mobility as the way forward.

At present there is only a regional rail connection that connects Nürtingen directly to Stuttgart, but a decision has been made to connect the town up to the S-Bahn commuter rail network. An urban
planning competition has already been held to determine the overall appearance of the new buildings around Nürtingen station. The winning concept continues the existing urban structure on both sides of the tracks right up to the railway station. Large underpasses and overpasses will connect up the quarter
around Bahnhofplatz square on one side and the quarter around the square at Alte Seegrasspinnerei on the other side. The areas themselves will be characterised by diverse buildings with different types of housing and ground-floor spaces for retail, commerce and manufacturing that are energy self-sufficient and conserve resources. A network of public and community spaces will enhance the neighbourhood and integrate it into the surrounding town. The new train town will be green and free of traffic, offering high recreational value in a pleasant climate. As a centrally located mobility hub close to buses and trains, this is where residents, travellers and commuters will converge in the future, creating a vibrant neighbourhood.

LocationNürtingen, Esslingen district
Size8.5 ha
Project startIBA’27 Project since 2020
Timeline2017 Decision on urban planning competition:
Hosoya Schaefer Architects (Zurich) and
Agence Ter landscape architects (Karlsruhe)
2024 Concept-based awarding of a tender and start of construction
2027 Under construction
Project initiatorNürtingen municipal authorities
Logo IBA27