Zukunft Münster 2050 – Future Münster 2050

A building made of buildings

A housing cooperative in Stuttgart-Münster is to replace run-down residential buildings on a gradual basis to allow tenants to remain in the area while the transformation is taking place. The winning design integrates relocation management intelligently in its plan. 

In the centre of Stuttgart’s smallest urban district and in between detached and semi-detached houses along Moselstraße, there are rows of multi-storey buildings that were built back in the 1930s and 1950s. With the support of IBA’27, Baugenossenschaft Münster am Neckar eG plans to replace these buildings with a socially diverse and sustainable neighbourhood. A consultation process was started in order to foster a sense of identity with the project. During the course of that process, guiding objectives were set for the following two-stage competition process. The winning design translates the cooperative idea of community into an exciting and dense network of buildings that represent the whole range of social diversity. Stacked and graded timber-framed buildings form a coherent ensemble of squares and terraces, public and private spaces and commercial and community uses. Varying residential floor plans as well as childcare and leisure facilities mean that people from all walks of life will come together here. Centrally located workshops as well as a café and small shops will link up the neighbourhood with the surrounding areas. A pond will round off the adjacent urban park, gradually allowing the green neighbourhood with its mature trees to become the new urban centre. 

Size1.5 ha
+space for approx. 550 residents
Project start2021; IBA’27 Project since 2022
Timeline2022 Consultation process with the public
2022 Decision on urban planning competition:
PPAG architects (Vienna)
2023 Consultation process for planning
2027 Partial completion
Project initiatorBaugenossenschaft Münster a.N. eG (BGM)


Baugenossenschaft Münster am Neckar eG
Geschäftsführender Vorstand
Michael J. Rosenberg-Pohl
Freibergstr. 62
70376 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711 5950506-0

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