Leonhardsvorstadt / Züblinareal

Together the Bohnenviertel and Leonhardsviertel areas of Stuttgart make up the city’s oldest urban expansion zone, with a large portion of historical buildings. The two areas developed in different directions after the Second World War. With IBA’27, they are to be brought together again as ›Leonhardsvorstadt‹. The area around the Züblin car park and the planned House for Film and Media on the site of the Breuninger car park will form the centre of this new neighbourhood. New development at this location can link the two quarters. In addition, the area is to be connected to the city centre via the multi-lane corridor of Hauptstätter Straße. The new qualities of the neighbourhood are to be developed collectively, and different local groups will be involved in the redevelopment. The broad-based participation process (implemented by Studio Malta (Stuttgart), BeL Sozietät für Architektur (Cologne) and Belius (Berlin)) started in summer 2020. In the autumn, workshops will take place with the aim of developing the plan for the future of Leonhardsvorstadt together with all of the participants.

Project Initiator: City of Stuttgart


City of Stuttgart 
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IBA Coordination

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