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The juncture between the Bohnenviertel and Leonhardsviertel areas of Stuttgart’s inner city is no longer to be used as a car park, thus freeing up space for a new centre for the neighbourhood. Project development is broad-based and participatory in response to the fact that the stakeholders identify strongly with the location.

From browsing in antique stores and drinking coffee on one side to evening socialising on the other side, the Bohnenviertel and Leonhardsviertel areas developed in different directions in the 1970s. Yet they belong together, as they make up Stuttgart’s oldest urban expansion zone, with a diverse mix of residents, various uses and lots of historical buildings. In order to improve the quality of life and living for the local community, the two quarters will be brought together again to form a new neighbourhood called ‘Leonhardsvorstadt’. This IBA’27 Project centres on the site of the Züblin multi-storey car park, which will be available for development from 2023. A new neighbourhood centre will be created across from the historical centre where Leonhardskirche church stands. It will comprise a space for housing and for community that is designed to be carbon neutral, serve the community and reflect the needs of an inclusive and diverse urban quarter. Numerous use scenarios were examined as part of the ›Zukunft Leonhardsvorstadt‹ consultation process. In the subsequent tendering process, the consortium bids with the best concepts were commissioned to develop the site.

LocationStuttgart centre
Size0.8 ha Züblin site, 20 ha neighbourhood
Project start2019; IBA’27 Project since 2020
Timeline2020/2021 Feasibility study and public consultation process:
Studio Malta (Stuttgart) with BeL Sozietät für Architektur (Cologne)
and Belius (Berlin)
2022 Feasibility study BLU
2024 Concept-based awarding of a tender
2027 Under construction
Project initiatorLandeshauptstadt Stuttgart


Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart 
Jana Schulz

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