Postareal Leonberg – Post Office Site Leonberg

Bringing a new energy to the centre

The former post office site in Leonberg is in the heart of the town, between the historical old town and the new town centre around the Leo-Center. A residential and business quarter is being created here using an innovative approach to construction and energy. The quarter will connect up the parts of the town located on either side of a busy road. 

In future, cyclists and pedestrians will be able to use a wide bridge made of wood and other materials to go from the new town centre in the south via Bahnhofsstraße to the old town in the north, roughly 1 km away, on an accessible and car-free route. In the middle of this new urban corridor, they will encounter a vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhood with shops, cafés, apartments and community spaces in open spaces lined with trees. 

The basis for developing the vacant post office site is provided by an urban design planning competition, which has been refined in more detail during a series of workshops involving experts and IBA’27. The buildings made from low-carbon materials will be grouped around a green neighbourhood square. An innovative monitoring process will accompany the planning to test the materials for savings potential on a continuous basis. Together, as a group of houses they will create synergy effects for the energy concept by using waste heat internally and feeding excess energy into the district heating grid. 

New building techniques and materials are to be used in construction and tested for marketability. Diverse types of footprints, such as multi-generational housing and cluster apartments, micro-apartments and co-working spaces will bring together different models for living and working as an example. Plans to decommission the adjacent Eltinger Straße and connect the neighbourhood to the neighbouring Stadtpark or town park will enhance the neighbourhood and make it a liveable, inner-city location. 

Size1.5 ha
Project kick-offIBA’27-Projekt since 2023
+Space for approx. 210 residents
Timeline2018 Urban design planning competition:
h4a Gessert + Randecker Architekten (Stuttgart) with Glück Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH (Stuttgart)
2023 PAL workshop series
with the project initiator, experts and accompanied by IBA’27
2023 Included as IBA’27 Project
2027 Planned completion of 1st construction phase
Project initiatorSTRABAG Real Estate GmbH
Ed. Züblin AG
Stadt Leonberg


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