Markus Bauer

Communications and Events

T +49 711 99 58 73-22

Markus Bauer was born in 1973 and studied German Studies, Politics and Theatre Studies in Leipzig and Vienna as well as Cultural Management at Ludwigsburg University of Education. He worked as a theatre director and author – most recently for Theater Lindenhof in Melchingen – for editorial offices, agencies, architectural firms and participation projects in Heslach, the part of Stuttgart where he lives.

Since 2018, he has been a member of the IBAʼ27 Communications team and is responsible for designing events.

Markus and IBA’27

»I imagine to myself that there is a different Stuttgart Region hiding behind the façade. That one is an urban landscape where shared spaces and property is lovingly cared for and considered more valuable than the private property hidden behind fences and gates. In that urban landscape, children play in clean streams, people tend to communal gardens and every living thing has its place. The idea that everything is connected to everything else is not a naive or sentimental daydream. In fact, it is a matter of survival for our planet. I think that more and more people are noticing this. That’s why, for me, the task of this first IBA after the coronavirus pandemic will be to make that connection.«

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