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Weissenhof in Stuttgart: open urban planning ideas competition seeks strategies for further development as part of IBA’27

The City of Stuttgart and the State of Baden-Württemberg are organising an open international ideas competition in cooperation with the International Building Exhibition 2027 (Internationale Bauausstellung 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart, IBA’27). In 2027, the Weissenhof Estate in Stuttgart will be 100 years old. This upcoming anniversary forms the basis for IBA’27, preparations for which are taking place in Stuttgart and its region. After a century of architectural and urban history, the IBA offers the opportunity to rethink the built testimonies of Modernism and to advance the urban design at Weissenhof with a contemporary model.

But how can the Weissenhof Estate and its surroundings be developed? What form would a modern and respectful approach to the cultural monuments take? How can the public space be reimagined? These are the questions at the heart of the ideas competition. The objective of the competition is to identify the urban planning potential of the entire Weissenhof neighbourhood, which includes not only the Weissenhof Estate, but also Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design and Brenzkirche church for example. Together with the local stakeholders, the organisers want to develop strategies for future development of the entire neighbourhood that marries the past and the present in a respectful way.

In addition to providing guiding principles, the competition aims to create the conceptual framework for several tangible construction projects for which architecture competitions are to subsequently be held. It centres on a new reception building to serve as a visitor and information centre and to be completed by the IBA presentation year 2027. A further construction project is to take the form of an extension to the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design campus. The Academy is directly adjacent to the Weissenhof Estate and wants to combine and reorganise its external locations on the campus. In addition, Brenzkirche church is to be converted, restored and to become part of the overall concept. The site at Bruckmannweg 10 – an empty space in the middle of the Weissenhof Estate that was flattened in the war – is a perfect site for experimental building, reflective of the design approach adopted back in 1927.

Those interested in taking part in the open urban planning competition are invited to submit an official registration.
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The registration deadline is 8 p.m. on 11 February 2022. More information and the competition documents

The jury will convene on 20 and 21 June 2022.

The selected entries will be presented at a public symposium soon after the jury meeting. At that event, members of the jury will discuss the results together with other experts, IBA’27 and competition participants.

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