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Competition with ideas part for the Kepler-Area Ludwigsburg

71636 Ludwigsburg

Single-phase, non-open realization competition with ideas part, with preceding, internationally announced qualified application and selection procedure with 20 participants. The procedure is anonymous, the competition language is German.

For decades, the Kepler Area in Ludwigsburg is a gap in the city. As the last remaining fallow around the train station, the Kepler Area is to be reactivated. Citizens, pedestrians and travelers from the surrounding, from the train and from the car have been looking at this empty space in the city until now!

In connection with the transformation of the entire station district, the area offers an important potential area for inner-city upgrading.

The Pflugfelder business group would like to realize its new company headquarters on the Kepler Area and integrate it into a newly developed neighbourhoud.

The goal is the realization of a lively, mixed-use neighbourhood (orientation value approx. 18,000 sqm GFA), which closes the urban gap between the city center – train station – and the western part of the city.

Due to its central and exposed location on the railroad line, the Kepler Area has been identified as a site suitable for high-rise buildings – the construction of a building high point thus offers opportunities for a representative company location, which must also do justice to its significance for the area and the cityscape.

The Kepler Area is part of the Ludwigsburg station district as a project in the IBA’27 network.

In order to find an urban development concept appropriate to the central location, the urbanistic and architectural building volume and function distribution, the development as well as the open space quality assurance, the Pflugfelder business group together with the City of Ludwigsburg announce a planning competition according to RPW. The competition is registered at the Chamber of Architects under the number 2023-1-21.

Realization competition with ideas part

The planning competition will be held as a single-phase, non-open realization competition with an ideas part, preceded by an internationally announced qualified application and selection procedure with 20 participants. The procedure is anonymous. The competition language is German.

The non-open realization competition with ideas part addresses applicants or groups of applicants from the fields of architecture and landscape architecture. Consultation with the specialist disciplines of immission control and energy is recommended.


Applicants or groups of applicants who meet the professional requirements are eligible to participate. The professional requirements are the authorization to use the professional title »Architect« or »Landscape Architect« according to the legal regulations of the country of origin. The formation of consortiums of »Architect« and »Landscape architect« is obligatory. The required disciplines can also be demonstrated within one office.

The following 6 selected offices/teams have been pre-selected by the awarding authorities:

  1. ARP Architektenpartnerschaft GbR, Stuttgart
  2. ATP Architekten Ingenieure Planungs GmbH, Innsbruck/Frankfurt
  3. Barkow Leibinger Architekten GmbH, Berlin
  4. Blocher Partners GmbH, Stuttgart
  5. KSP Engel Architekten GmbH, Braunschweig
  6. Pesch Partner Architektur Stadtplanung GmbH, Stuttgart

The other 14 offices/teams will be selected via an application process.

The application documents can be downloaded via the following link

Alternatively, the application documents can be requested free of charge from the supervising office Wick+Partner, Stuttgart by mail:


Application deadline20/11/23
Selection of participantsKW 47
Publication of the task27/11/23
Kick-off and colloquium14/12/23
Submission of plans01/03/24
Submission of model22/03/24
Jury meeting (expected)12/04/2024

The application deadline is 20/11/23 at 17:00.

Application documents that are received late will be excluded from the procedure. There is no entitlement to reimbursement of costs. Application documents will not be returned.

Application documents are to be sent exclusively to the following mail address:

Expert judges

Prof. Susanne Dürr, Andreas Hofer, Prof. Johannes Kappler, Dr. Eckart Rosenberger, Elke Ukas, Prof. Stefanie Eberding, Thomas Herrmann, Jochen Koeber, Mathias Weißer

The awarding authorities look forward to your application and an exciting process!



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