Prior information

Open design competition in Salach

New building for multi-generational centre with a childcare facility

In Salach, the area occupied by former textile factory Schachenmayr will be rearranged. On this industrial wasteland, a neighbourhood for around 800 residents is to be developed that has a good social mix and allows residents to identify with their area. 

The multi-generational centre is the entrance to the IBA’27 Project »Quartier am Mühlkanal – Mühlkanal Neighbourhood«. It will create a link to the neighbourhood and integrate the old with the new, connecting the village to the new neighbourhood.

The subject of the open planning competition is the schematic design phase for the construction of multi-generational centre with an events space and meet-up space as well as a youth and creative space with a designated land-use area of approx. 1,300 m² and a five-group childcare facility for two crèche groups (aged under 3) and three kindergarten groups (aged over 3) with a designated land-use area of approx. 1,300 m². There is also to be an expansion zone of 1,200 m² as an ›area for social uses‹, 400 m² of which can be added as a potential expansion zone for the childcare facility but can also be used independently. A further part area of 800 m² can be allocated to the multi-generational centre and should include further social uses.

The accompanying open spaces and play areas as well as the access and parking spaces must also be planned.

The future new building will house the following:

  • the multi-generational centre with shared spaces, an open meeting place, a youth centre and family centre,
  • the childcare facility with 5 groups,
  • an expansion zone for the childcare facility that offers possibilities for interim use
  • an area for social uses, e.g. shared living with a nursing care component, shared living for people with special needs, a youth welfare service, apartments for apprentices, rooms for vocational training, cluster housing, multi-generational centre

Further information:

In consideration of the recommendations of the jury the organiser will award the contract to one of

the prizewinners (usually the winner) to progress the services pursuant to sections 34/39 HOAI for performance phases 1 to 5 initially.

Within the scope of the VgV, the organiser will negotiate with all prizewinners regarding the contract.

Expected date of publication of the full competition brief: 29 march 2021

With this prior information the organiser wants to get an estimation of potentially interested participants (teams of architects and landscape architects).

If you are interested in the open planning competition, please contact and express your interest (non-binding).

Deadline for submitting plans/model: 17 June 2021 (plans) / 24 June 2021 (model)

Organiser: Salach municipal authorities, represented by Mayor Julian Stipp


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