Quartier Mühlkanal – Mühlkanal Neighbourhood

In Salach, the area occupied by former textile factory Schachenmayr between the Stuttgart-Ulm railway line and the Fils River will be rearranged, together with the former »Krautländer« allotments on the other side of the railway line. On this industrial wasteland, a neighbourhood for around 800 residents is to be developed that has a good social mix and allows residents to identify with their area. In addition to serial, modular new buildings built to the latest environmental standards, the existing listed buildings will be refurbished and repurposed. There are also plans for a multi-generational house with a local park to act as a link between the area and the centre of Salach. Other priorities will be promoting a ‘caring community’ with joint responsibility for social tasks, encouraging a special degree of community involvement and developing shared spaces to foster communication. The planning workshop for the urban planning measures was carried out with the support of IBA’27 and was won by helsinkizurich (Zurich, Helsinki) together with Cadrage Landschaftsarchitekten (Zurich).

Project Initiator: Municipality Salach in cooperation with Krause Group, Deutsche Reihenhaus, MEZ

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