Open international design competition: Postareal/Post Office Site Böblingen

71034 Böblingen

Dense urban hybrid with mixed use and impact for the city centre of Böblingen: together with the municipal property company Böblinger Baugesellschaft (BBG) the International Building Exhibition 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart (IBA’27) is looking for innovative suggestions for the redesign of the 6.200 m2 former post office site in an open international design competition.

At the decisive location between the main station and the entry to downtown Böblingen (the ›Unterstadt‹), a vivid, porous hub with mixed-use will be developed for and with the urban society of Böblingen.

After the competition, a consultation phase will be initiated which should lead to a framework document with planning principles for further planning. This process will involve meetings in consultation with the competition winner or winners, the organiser and the committee of advisors accompanying the process (for example community representatives, Böblingen municipal authorities, experts).

A high willingness for cooperation and openness are required for this process. The winner or winners selected by the competition will be commissioned with the planning service for this IBA’27 project.

Type of competition; Form of procedure

The competition is being held as an international, open, single-phase design competition.

The competition is being implemented on the basis of the guideline for planning competitions ›Richtlinie für Planungswettbewerbe‹ (RPW 2013). Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects) participated in the competition preparation and the call for entries in an advisory capacity. The call for entries was registered there under No. 2020 – 2 – 21.

The procedure is anonymous. The countries permitted to take part include all EEA member states and the countries that have signed up to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA). The competition is being carried out in German.

Deadline for queries: 10 December 2020

Colloquium (online): 17 December 2020

Deadline for submitting plans/model: 08 March 2021 (plans) / 15 March 2021 (model)

Jury meeting: May 2021

Exhibition: expected to take place from 10 May to 18 June 2021

Start of consultation phase: 17 May 2021

Awards: 1st prize 100.000 €, 2nd prize 50.000 €, 3rd prize 30.000 €, 20.000 € for distinctions. (All prizes plus VAT).

OrganiserBöblinger Baugesellschaft in cooperation with Internationale Bauausstellung 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart GmbH (IBA’27)

Official competition documents (in german)



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