Postareal Böblingen – Böblingen Post Office Site

Through the neighbourhood to downtown

Böblingen’s post office site is situated at a key location at the entrance to downtown Böblingen and across from the train station. Böblinger Baugesellschaft (BBG), a local municipal property company, purchased the site and is working together with the local community and IBA’27 to create a liveable mixed-use neighbourhood there.

When you step out of the S-Bahn commuter rail train in Böblingen and cross the square in front of the train station, you come to Bahnhofsstraße, a street that has been pedestrianised since 2015 and is acting as the central access point to the historical town centre. As the entrance to the town, there is a shopping centre on one side of the street and a rather dated post office on the other side. The post office building is to be replaced with a group of buildings including a high-rise block built using hybrid timber construction methods that will mark the entrance to downtown Böblingen. The plan is based on the result of an international urban planning competition. It provides for three multi-storey buildings with different orientations to create a network of public spaces. Community urban terraces in front of the buildings will guide you from the pedestrian area into the new neighbourhood with planted courtyards and water features. The buildings there will combine spaces for retail, food businesses and manufacturing at ground floor level with different types of housing on the mid-level floors and community spaces on the upper levels. The hybrid building structure will cater for everything from educational facilities to urban gardening and a multi-generational centre, making the urban space a centre for meeting and engaging with each other.

Size0.6 ha
IBA’27 Project since 2020
Timeline2021 Decision on urban planning competition:
GdIF – Gutiérrez de la Fuente Arquitectos SLP (Madrid) and
UTA Architekten und Stadtplaner GmbH (Stuttgart)
2023 Planned start of construction
2027 Partial completion
Project initiatorBöblinger Baugesellschaft (BBG)


Böblinger Baugesellschaft mbH
Rainer Ganske
Wilhelmstraße 33
71034 Böblingen
Phone: +49 7031 66 02 0

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