Das genossenschaftliche Quartier »Am Rotweg« – »Am Rotweg« cooperative neighbourhood

Living the community

In Stuttgart-Rot, two local housing cooperatives are planning to replace outdated building stock with more futureproof affordable housing. Innovative lab and consultation formats are providing insights into new forms of cooperative housing. 

Stuttgart’s first post-war settlement is characterised by rows of multi-storey buildings from the 1950s. The housing cooperatives Neues Heim and Zuffenhausen are working together with IBA’27 and other social enterprises to create a neighbourhood on a centrally located site that will move cooperative living into the future. Built to be sustainable, affordable and offering quality open spaces, the development will facilitate a broad social mix. The project is linking into the cooperative culture of participation, actively involving interested parties in the planning process. This takes the form of a temporary lab stage, scale models and creative ideas for interim use of the existing spaces. The three winning concepts from the urban planning competition have provided the framework. Ten buildings made from wood and recycled materials will be loosely arranged around a shared green area in the new neighbourhood. Vibrant ground floors used for community and commercial purposes with an inclusive crèche, a neighbourhood kitchen, a bike repair shop and retail businesses will border on green squares under existing established trees. Open atrium-style stairs will lead to different types of homes within the buildings. Connecting access balconies out front will act as spaces for daily interaction that occurs naturally as part of living together in a community. 

LocationStuttgart North
Size2 ha
+space for approx. 600 residents and 200 workers
Project startIBA’27 Project since 2020
Timeline2021-23 Funding for Baden-Württemberg housing construction offensive for Reallabor Wohnen (Real-Life Housing Lab):
Participation format with a lab stage, temporary and model housing
2021 Decision on urban planning competition:
ISSS research architecture urbanism (Berlin) and
Büro für Landschaftsarchitektur topo*grafik (Marseille) 1st prize
together with
EMT Architekten (Stuttgart) and StudioVlayStreeruwitz (Vienna) 2nd prize
2023 Start of construction
2027 Planned completion
Project initiatorNeues Heim – Die Baugenossenschaft eG (BGNH) und Baugenossenschaft Zuffenhausen eG (BGZ)


Martin Gebler
Neues Heim – Die Baugenossenschaft eG
Haldenrainstr.185, 70437 Stuttgart
Tel.: +49 711 848 980 40 oder +49 711 848 980 0

Bernd Heinl
Baugenossenschaft Zuffenhausen eG (BGZ)
Tapachstraße 1, 70437 Stuttgart
Tel.: + 49 711 849 00 23

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