Der neue Stöckach – New Stöckach

Sustainable redensification

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is vacating its company site in Stuttgart-East, freeing up a prime inner-city site. Industry and experts are working together with the local community and the municipal authorities to develop an eco-friendly neighbourhood with homes made from recycled materials that will supplement the housing stock while conserving resources.

What began as a substation in Stöckach in Stuttgart in 1902 became one of Baden-Württemberg’s largest energy suppliers. Before now, the EnBW site with its central location just a short walk away from two parks and a U-Bahn underground rail station was not accessible to the public. Now that the company has ceased operations on the site, urban life is moving into the vacated plant. The plan to transform the site into a neighbourhood with a focus on housing is based on the winning concept in an international urban planning competition. The concept opens up the site, criss-crossing it with non-motorised development axes and connecting it to the surrounding urban quarter via public buildings and squares. A number of architectural firms are collaborating on the specific design of the housing, schools, crèches and community centre to be built there. Multi-faceted new buildings that can be dismantled and are built using recycled building materials will link in with the heterogeneous housing stock. Sturdy, low-maintenance planting will provide for good air quality outdoors. A public neighbourhood plaza with a café, flights of steps and playgrounds will ensure a high quality of living and create a new centre for the quarter.

LocationStuttgart East
Size4.25 ha
+space for approx. 2,000 residents
Project startIBA’27 Project since 2020
Timeline2019 Decision on urban planning competition:
tong+ (Frankfurt a.M. / Hanoi) with
Hannes Hörr Landschaftsarchitektur (Remseck)
2021 Planner selection procedure (block A and building 30):
asp Architekten (Stuttgart) with LXSY Architekten (Berlin)
Sauerbruch Hutton (Berlin / London)
2022 Council board resolution on framework plan
2023 Design study for redensification in timber construction: 
haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050 (Stuttgart) 
2027 Initial Buildings 
Project initiatorEnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG


EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
Dr.-Ing. Stefanie v. Andrian
Marco Geis

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