Quartier Backnang West – Backnang West Neighbourhood

›Quartier Backnang-West‹ is to be created on a former industrial site in Backnang, a town to the north-east of the Stuttgart City Region with 37,000 inhabitants. The site is almost 17 hectares in size. Located between Friedrichstraße and the Murrtal viaduct, it has had a varied history. As far back as the 19th century, various industrial firms were already located along the Murr River, and the historical factory buildings still dominate the landscape to this day. Developing the site while integrating the industrial halls worthy of preserving creates a particular opportunity for Backnang. A new, high-density urban neighbourhood could be created here on a site roughly the same size as the adjacent old town. Modern forms of mixed use with spaces for culture, education, retail and forms of community-based housing could make the existing town centre more attractive. The site’s proximity to the water will offer high-quality open spaces.

Project Initiator: City of Backnang


City of Backnang – City Planning Office
Tobias Großmann
Stiftshof 16
71522 Backnang
Phone: +49 7191 894 263

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