Quartier C1 Wagenhallen – Wagenhallen C1 Neighbourhood

Living and working in the Maker City

At Stuttgart’s Nordbahnhof (North station), once a railway depot, the local authorities are working with resident artists and creatives as well as planners and the local community to create a productive urban quarter. IBA’27 is facilitating the dialogue between planning and implementation.

For the past two decades, a community of creative artists has been living and working at Innere Nordbahnhof, transforming the area around the renovated locomotive stalls into a cultural hub. Ownership of this area, referred to as ‘C1’, has already been transferred to the City of Stuttgart, as it is part of the future Rosenstein quarter. The area serves as an experimentation space for urban development processes. Based on the urban planning framework plan, a diverse Maker City will be created here that combines ecological housing with urban production and structures that serve the needs of the community. In close consultation with the stakeholders, the planners are drafting a plan that respects existing qualities and makes them futureproof with new types of buildings and forms of use. Timber frame buildings with vibrant ground floors will reflect the creative and manufacturing nature of the neighbourhood, while urban community gardens will continue existing eco-social projects and social hubs at well-known locations will forge a strong sense of identity with the neighbourhood. Buildings that will serve as an interim performance location while Stuttgart’s opera house is being renovated will later become part of the Maker City, demonstrating how to build a versatile city.

Size7.2 ha
+space for approx. 1,500 residents and 1,300 workers
Project startIBA’27-Project since 2020
TImeline2016 Rosenstein memorandum
2019 International urban planning competition:
asp Architekten (Stuttgart) and Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur (Stuttgart)
2020/2021 Stakeholder involvement (Charter and advisory committee)
2025 Concept-based awarding of a tender for individual buildings
2027 Under construction
Project initiatorLandeshauptstadt Stuttgart


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