Wohnen am Fluss in Untertürkheim – Untertürkheim Riverside Living

Back at the water’s edge

On the outskirts of Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, the Neckar riverbank disappears behind industrial sites in many places. On a green side canal, where the town extends down to the river, Bietigheimer Wohnbau GmbH is planning to create a liveable neighbourhood that combines working and living at the river’s edge. 

Across from the Inselbad outdoor swimming pool and the rowing club and adjacent to the historical EnBW power plant lies the former Pfisterer site on an artificial spit in the Neckar river. The corner site surrounded by water on two sides is being transformed by Bietigheimer Wohnbau GmbH and IBA’27 into an urban quarter that will create space for living in an industrial setting that offers a high quality of life. Part of the project site belongs to EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, which is involved in project development. An international competition was held to produce a basis for planning. The outcome is that the distinctive 1970s company building will be preserved together with the listed hydroelectric plant, and they will be supplemented with individual buildings to create a permeable block of buildings in the direction of the riverbank. A generous entrance hall will open up the existing six-storey building to the street, the ground floor of which will in future house shops, commercial spaces and a café. On the upper floors, the deep layout of the building provides space for different types of housing, supplemented with adaptable residential floor plans in the lower modular timber-based houses to the rear. Mature trees are growing from the riverbank right through the site and into the communal courtyard, making the neighbourhood a green link between the town and the river, which can be reached on foot via a proposed bridge over the canal. 

Size0.84 ha
+space for approx. 300 residents
Project startIBA’27 Project since 2023
Timeline2021 Network project
2022 International competition:
NL Architects (Amsterdam), 1st prize
Joint revision with a+r Architekten (Stuttgart), 2nd prize
2023 Included as IBA’27 Project
2027 Planned completion
Project initiatorBietigheimer Wohnbau GmbH


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Nedelin Brenner
Berliner Straße 19
74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen

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