Agriculture meets manufacturing: In the western part of the town of Fellbach, two urban production locations are situated directly adjacent to each other. Fellbach municipal authorities want to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the IBA’27 to reconfigure this area using innovative and consultation-based planning processes.

The project site in Fellbach covers 110 hectares in total and is located between Stuttgart and Fellbach town centre. On one site of Stuttgarter Straße, the main route for traffic, there are intensively used agricultural spaces with nurseries as well as fruit and vegetable growers. On the other side of the road is the town’s largest industrial zone. Space is at a premium, conflicts of use are on the increase and the businesses on both sides face similar challenges posed by globalisation, climate change and digitalisation.

The local authorities intend to use a broad-based consultation process to develop an overarching vision for the site. Business owners, farmers and private landowners will participate in the project and contribute their ideas. Among other things, the planning phase involves exploring possibilities for mixed use and densification of the industrial zone, the quality of the urban spaces and options for enhancing urban agriculture. Several construction projects are to be completed in time for the IBA presentation year of 2027 that will turn the ideas developed during this planning process into tangible real-life examples.


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