Where mixed use is of mutual benefit

To the west of Fellbach, spaces used for agricultural produce are directly adjacent to the town’s largest industrial zone. The municipal authorities are working with local companies, experts and IBA’27 to develop concepts that enable mixed uses such as food production and goods manufacturing, housing and working. 

What would appear at first glance to be irreconcilable industries do in fact belong together. What wholesalers, auto repairers, greenhouses and agricultural spaces all have in common is that they require a lot of space and are generally located on the outskirts of a densely populated town as a result. The commercial and agricultural spaces located between Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt and the centre of Fellbach are now being developed as the IBA’27 Project with the largest surface area as an innovative model for numerous commercial sites. The municipal authorities, stakeholders, experts and IBA are looking at ways to increase the density of existing structures with a better climate impact as well as how to create additional space that conserves land and resources and offers a better quality of life with green open spaces. They are looking into potential synergies from mixing agricultural and commercial use in terms of materials cycles and energy distribution. The result is a concept for an innovative, liveable and productive urban landscape that acts as a local supplier for local produce. 

LocationFellbach, Rems-Murr district
Size110 ha
Project startIBA’27 Project since 2020
Timeline2021/2022 Consultation phase
From 2021 Collaboration with various research institutes
2022 Start of first award proceedings
2022 Redensification study, berchtoldkrass space&options (Karlsruhe)
2023 Climate adaptation study, berchtoldkrass space&options (Karlsruhe)
2023 First area conference
2023 Concept for urban planning renovation measures
Eble Messerschmidt (Tübingen)
2023 ISEK / concept for urban redevelopment scheme 
2027 Realisation of individual components
Project initiatorFellbach municipal authorities


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Stadtplanungsamt, Abteilung Stadtentwicklung
70734 Fellbach
+49 7115851449

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