Stadtquartier Winnenden – Winnenden Urban Neighbourhood

Winnenden is planning a high-density, mixed-use neighbourhood with a commercial focus on a 5.3 hectare site. An innovative commercial park is to be developed here in a manner that conserves resources and especially space and will be groundbreaking in its combination of new building typologies and sustainability strategies. Embedded in the existing landscape, mixed-use buildings will allow for new forms of commerce, working and housing. Because of the proximity to the train station and the junction to the B14 national road, there are also good links to public transport and goods traffic. The neighbourhood will be integrated in the concept for the state horticultural show Landesgartenschau Schwaikheim-Winnenden. The green spaces planned for the show will also make up the green infrastructure for the new neighbourhood.

Project Initiator: City of Winnenden


City of Winnenden
Urban Development Office
Markus Schlecht
Phone: +49 7195 13-160

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