Stadtquartier Winnenden – Winnenden Urban Neighbourhood

At home amongst working courtyards

To the west of Winnenden’s centre, manufacturing halls and multi-family homes are spread amongst field and meadows. The municipal authorities are planning, with the help of IBA’27, to create a high-density neighbourhood on a site near the train station that marries commerce and housing in a high-quality way that conserves space. 

In the future, cyclists leaving Winnenden town centre in the direction of Zipfelbachtal will go by the rail underpass and soon after arrive at a vibrant, mixed-use urban neighbourhood. The result of an international open urban planning competition, the new neighbourhood will nestle between the large-scale commercial buildings to the north and the residential area to the south as if it had always been there. The winning design is based on clusters of urban buildings of four to six storeys in height, each of which responds differently to the surroundings. Noisy commercial uses will be confined to the inner side of buildings around internal courtyards, while homes, crèches and a community centre will face outward. Pedestrianised streets will run between public squares, green fields, water gardens at seepage areas and allotments with raised beds. This is where community life will take place, in the café on the street, on the way to the market hall or on playgrounds for children and young people. All of residents’ everyday needs will be reachable on foot in the neighbourhood, meaning that cars can be parked at the outskirts in the plant-covered neighbourhood garage. 

LocationWinnenden, Rems-Murr district
Size5.8 ha
+space for approx. 250 residents and 1,000 workers
Project start2019; IBA’27 Project since 2020
Timeline2021 Decision on urban planning competition:
JOTT architecture and urbanism (Frankfurt a. M.)
2022 Collaboration with Graz University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture in the form of semester projects and student competitions
2023 Real estate feasibility study for planned mixed use
2024 Concept-based awarding of a tender for first implementation stage
2027 Under construction
Project initiatorStadt Winnenden / Winnenden municipal authorities


City of Winnenden
Urban Development Office
Markus Schlecht
Phone: +49 7195 13-160

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